Statement of Information - Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Welcome to the Secretary of State's online service for Statements of Information of Limited Liability Companies (LLC). This service can be used by any LLC registered with the California Secretary of State to submit:

  • Initial LLC Statement of Information (within 90 days of registration)
  • Required Periodic LLC Statement of Information (every two years)
  • Updated LLC Statement of Information (between filing periods) (No fee)

Fees: The filing fee for the initial and required biennial Statement of Information is $20 and must be paid by Visa or Mastercard when submitting online. There is NO FEE for submitting a Statement of Information to update the entity record in between filing periods.

Copies: A free PDF copy of the filed Statement of Information can be requested prior to submission and will be sent by email once we receive confirmation of payment.

Required Browsers: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE) version 8.0 or higher is required in order to submit a Statement of Information.

Please Note: Until the CONFIRMATION OF SUBMISSION web page is displayed, submission of your LLC Statement of Information, and any applicable filing fee, is not complete. For assistance with your online statement of information submission, call our Statement of Information Phone Unit at 916-657-5448.

TO BEGIN, enter the LLC name or 12-digit entity number from your registration document in the appropriate space below.

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